A Beginning With No End

There’s excitement in the air as we start a new year and more members come rushing into the gym to get in shape. Who am I fooling? They want to lose weight. Fast, simple and guaranteed. So, we tell them they can do that. We tell them they have to be our gym slave.We promise them a good food plan, a great workout routine, a clean environment and most of all RESULTS!  IF. . .

If they show up and work out at least 3 days a week.

Mary Donze showed the Stability Ball a thing or two!

If they eat right.

If they throw away the excuses.

If they trust our guidance.

The excitement is contagious and even the trainers are infused with energy. This is the start of great things for everyone! But we need to be real and accept that there is no end to this story! Everyone needs to make the changes and do them forever…or as long as they are on this planet, living in this body. Amen! That’s the commitment you need to guarantee lasting success.

Then come to grips with what is reasonable for your body. Don’t go at it with unrealistic expectations. Do you really want to turn the clock back and be the person you were at 20 or 30? Do you honestly want to go through the trials and triumphs again? They were often filled with pain, sleepless nights and heartache. Be grateful for them because they have made you who you are today! Time marches on and unfortunately it marches over the body and across the face.

It’s beautiful! You are beautiful and don’t let that voice in your head tell you otherwise. As time marches along be confident that you can keep step and don’t stress over the inevitable changes. Remember how upset Marisa Tomei was about her biological clock in My Cousin Vinny? (A scene I just adore) Go ahead! Stomp your foot all you want, but in the end strive to age with grace and dignity.

  • Be young at heart. Eat a heart healthy diet.
  • Never act your age. Be mature but not stodgy.
  • Accept gravity because it does things to us we might not like.
  • Rejoice in the things you can do for yourself and try to do more each day. Walk to the store, use the stairs and make your food fresh and lean.
  • Keep exercising and loving it.
  • Be compassionate (sympathetic, understanding, empathetic) toward yourself and others.
  • Make sure who you are and what you do are the best you can offer.
  • Always be grateful.

Be Well!