Life Coach

Life is fast paced. Keeping your head above water is top priority. A part of us thinks about our health, weight and energy levels, but feeling well and looking better goes beyond diet. If you’re like many people your diet attempts haven’t had any long-term rewards. There’s a reason for this. You only have part of the prescription for success. My unique message is that the solution you’ve been seeking is closer than you think. You know what has to be done to drop those unwanted pounds and live a better life.

Life Coaching Takes Your Workouts to a New Level

Loss is never the problem for most people, its re-gaining weight that haunts most people. I can help you stop the weight loss roller coaster dead in its tracks.  Having harnessed an eating disorder, and chronic pain from exercise induced injuries I’ve found a method I’ve sustained for more than 20 years. The fitness industry has embraced the expression “No Pain, No Gain” and I can refute that with countless stories of normal people who found their fitness groove injury free without sacrificing long hours or fine dining.

Over the past 25 years I’ve developed The ZWL Method — a Life Coaching Program. The Zen of Weight Loss: A Mindful, Livable Approach to Fitness (2013) is the cornerstone of that coaching method. Written along with co-author Jeri Levesque, Ed.D. this book outlines the why and how of fitness. The companion journal Your Perfect Food Plan (2015) can help you complete your desired transformation.

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“It’s a process I wasn’t sure I was going to like,  but I feel a stillness like never before.” MH


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