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Both books available on Amazon. The Zen of Weight Loss is now an eBook! Click the picture to order the companion journal Your Perfect Food Plan.


“The Zen of Weight Loss is an amazing book that takes the reader on one of life’s most important journeys. Starting in the mind, the journey walks through the passages of the will, enters the morass of the emotions, and lands you squarely in the practicality of a program for today. In typical Zen fashion, the constant engine that propels you on this journey is the power of your breath and a mindful attitude toward all the choices that determine whether or not you reach your destination of ultimate fitness. The Zen of Weight Loss is a must read for anyone who is tired of all the hype and false promises of the commercial diet and exercise industry and ready for a practical path that leads to true results, not only in your body but in your mind and soul as well.”   Ed Wills, Author and Consultant                                                                                Where Do I Go From Here? A Guidebook for Life’s Transitions 


7 thoughts on “Books by Karen

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  2. So finish it already! The second book can be “What I Forgot to Say in The Zen of Body Restoration.” The third: “What I really forgot to say” and so on.
    I think this is how Star Wars and Harry Potter got started. 🙂


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