Can We All Be Winners?

Weight loss is not a sporting event. You can’t just buck up or buckle down to reach your goal. Weight loss is a dance we do with our bodies, and minds both conscious and subconscious. Just when you believe it’s an issue of exercise and diet the reality rears its ugly head. It’s actually a mind game of vast magnitude. It’s not surprising that some find the journey from fat to fit difficult to sustain, but that’s no reason to give up.

Experts have come to realize the need for us to approach weight loss from an emotional level as well as physical. They suggest that we need to shift gears and consider the compulsion that comes from between our ears. Understanding that our habits are entrenched in emotional bubbles and they could be causing us to falling off the wagon, and ruin our diets. Another pitfall is our impatience as the body goes through the normal phases of digestion and energy use — also known as weight loss. Dont’t you always find that your body responds quickly at first? You drop weight easily and quickly — people often refere to this as “losing water weight”. You’re naturally elated and confident but when the weight loss slows your response is to pull the reins tighter. You work out longer, harder and eat less. You’re confident you’ve messed up somehow and you are going to make it work! True grit –grrrrrrrrr — you are doing this come hell or high water! You may as well shoot yourself in the foot (figuratively speaking). That approach isn’t going to work. Here’s the steps I propose.

  1. Examine your Body. Decide IF you have to lose weight. Are you happy being the size you are? Do you have health issues like blood pressure, sore joints or elevated blood sugar. Is there danger of life threatening illness or disease?
  2. Find your Motivation. Once you decide you have to lose weight you MUST recognize WHY you really want to lose weight. Not the “I want to fit into a size 8” reason. You need to think deeper. The reason you’re trying to lose weight has to be more important than a candy bar  it has to be your “hearts desire”. I should have flashing lights around this point — perhaps add bells and whistles. I cannot stress the importance of this step enough!
  3. Decide on your program. Select the kind of exercise you want to do. Don’t share with other people because they will always have an opinion. Trust that you can rely on your own intelligence to get you started. Be reasonable and don’t push too hard at first.
  4. Always Move Forward! Now that you’ve started, keep moving forward. If you stop it will be hard to pick it up and start over again. Brush discouraging thoughts away and get moving! Exercise will help the doubt and depression. 
  5. Be Proud! Each step of the way you have to remember this is a journey. It won’t come overnight. Patience is the key.

Can we all be winners? The answer is yes, we can all be winners — always in our own way. My path is not yours, but our destination is the same. Let’s do this together!

Be Well!



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