Fitness For Living

My brain is filled with weights and measures — comparing techniques, theories, science, and fiction. The fitness industry and the world in general has too much influence on decisions we make about our health and fitness. We recognize that not every Rx fits every individual, but finding what is right for you can be difficult.

My recommendation is to take one idea at a time and before you apply it to yourself examine how it might affect you. I find that the only way to wade through is to listen to your intuition. We all have the ability to tap into our inner resources. Regardless of what you believe about God or a Higher Power you do have a gut, and therefore gut reactions. They’re the instant responses we have to our environment.

They’re based on our knowledge, emotion, experience, and opinion. This amazing resource is capable of giving accurate feedback about everything. For example while driving down the street the patterns of traffic indicate what lies ahead, and when we pay attention we can divert from our course and skip traffic jams.

On a more personal level we can discern when a job or friendship has become toxic for us. We know on a deep level when some habit is bad for us, and we have the free choice to fix it or not, and as always we can choose to make positive changes that could change our lives.

The first step in this process is to listen to your gut. That can only happen when you spend time in silence. Many forms of meditation lead to the same place. . . a deeper understanding of yourself. If you have never practiced meditation before the video below can offer some guidance. Try to make it a daily habit, and you will find a peace that helps you reflect — not react to your life.

Be Well!

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