Good For You

The effectiveness of a personal trainer is directly related to the honesty, and hard work of the client. 

Rule #1 — Always be honest with your personal trainer. Your instructor is not a mind reader. They may almost seem to be great and powerful when they notice things about your body — like a limp or limited range of motion in your shoulder. However, they aren’t able to look at you and know you stopped at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard on the way to the gym. Unless you left remnants on your shirt. Entering into this game with your trainer will do nothing but ruin your chances at reaching your goals.

Learn about sugar.

Rule #2 — Eating is as important as exercise. . . .if not MORE IMPORTANT. Assessing a client last night proved to be a huge reveal. What I learned was that she never kept track of her food consumption. The only thing she could verify was that she ate A LOT OF FRUIT! Her refrigerator was filled with pineapple, navel oranges (which she ate 2 in one sitting), grapes, apples, bananas, and more. The other thing I learned was that she had gained. She gained inches, body fat, weight, and deep depression. She worked out 6 days a week for 30 days and saw no results. I was depressed with her especially when I asked to see her food diary and realized she hadn’t been keeping one. How sad! She worked very hard and saw no change in her body. She hadn’t been honest. Still sad!

Rule #3 — Listen to the person you’re paying to help you. Don’t ignore the recommendations from your trainer. You’ll always have homework because you spend more time at home than in the gym. At home be sure to:

Drink water. Yes, I know you’ll have to go to the bathroom! That’s what’s supposed to happen!

Write down everything you eat and drink.

Write down how you feel after you eat. Sometimes even the next day is relevant.

Keep working out!

Rule #4 — Recognize the world’s opinion of what is “GOOD FOR YOU” isn’t necessarily good for YOU! Also when something is good for you it doesn’t mean you can eat with reckless abandon. Moderation is the key — and in some cases you must abstain (don’t eat it).

Rule #5 — You can always reverse what you have done. This is true for all of us. Give yourself another 30 days. Be honest with yourself and your trainer. Remember great abs start in the kitchen — so does a great body!

Be Well!

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