No Greater Gift


There is no greater gift than the gift of health you give to yourself. I’ve been pleased to see my classes overflowing with happy, excited people as they work out — laugh — and support each other. So, for this 2017 I promise to give them a continued gift of increasingly challenging classes accompanied by laughter and fun.

As classes and gyms begin to fill to the gills this time of year we can expect most of them to drop off the face of the earth. Statistic Brain  posted a sobering article on December 11, 2016. The handwriting is on the wall. The majority of people who even do make a resolution will not keep it. More sobering than these stats is the fact that only 39% of people in their 20’s will achieve their resolution. Let’s not even talk about the depressingly small 14% of people over 50 who make it.

Resolution maintained through first week 75 %
Past two weeks 71 %
Past one month 64 %
Past six months 46 %

I believe we can change these statistics. I believe we can be successful. When health isn’t a chore — heck, when it’s FUN! you will stick with it.

Find a Group You Enjoy

I inherited the classes I teach at the RecPlex in St. Peters. Other fitness instructors had been working with these people, and when they moved on to greener pastures the classes were offered to me. I couldn’t have been more pleased — and blessed. The members are dedicated, supportive and love to have a good time. So, it hasn’t been a chore to enjoy them. They are amazing.

So in a nutshell you must have fun when you’re trying to be healthy. Instead of looking at the cake and saying, “I can’t have that!” try saying —  “When that cake won’t interfere with me meeting my goal I will eat it!” Make the doing fun and then your voyage to fitness will be less painful. Remember that ultimately you are gambling with your life — aren’t you worth taking the time to give yourself THE GREATEST GIFT?

Be Well!

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