More on the Self-Esteem Issue

I believe I misrepresented myself a few weeks ago when I wrote the post which tied self-esteem to weight loss. I took a short cut in my explanation of the process I use and was mistakenly lumped into the category of causing potential harm to people with my approach. The quote I sited made it sound like if you fix what you think of yourself then you will lose weight. I’d like to clear that up.

Meet Crystal BeforeAs a certified personal trainer (and additional certifications to help people physically) people see me as a person to help them get fit. In the majority of people that equals weight loss. For more than 25 years that’s been the pattern. That’s understandable. That’s how they start as a client. As we talk they begin to explore things about their lives. After a session or two the conversation shifts from diet and exercise to include things that are nagging at them from the past. Sometimes they’re dealing with guilt, fear, anxiety, or any number of personal issues. At that point our weekly discussions include understanding their feelings and encompasses things like forgiveness. In subtle ways their eating changes. What I offer my clients was best described by former client Crystal Grimes, “It’s so much more than diet and exercise.” People come to me for weight loss but my work helps them realize it isn’t about losing weight. The process is different for everyone because each of us have different life experiences and expectations which give us individualized issues to conquer. Add to those things the difference in motivation and spiritual or religious background and you have about 14,000 different approaches (or more) to reach success. That success is determined during the course of our sessions — by you.

 We Talk — Well, You Talk. . . I Listen  

Here are the ways I help you find your path.



  • Listening
  • Watching body language and facial expressions.
  • Asking Questions
  • Paraphrasing to clarify
  • Assigning Homework

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I’m always amazed with the realizations my clients have. Often they come to deeply moving insights, and I am honored to be part of their journey. My part in the process is facilitator — the real work is done by the client. I believe it’s their personal Spiritual connection that drives the process. I worked with a client this past week who commented, “Isn’t it funny? I came to you to lose weight, I’ve lost some but more importantly — I’m happy.”

Consider for a moment that when you put your history to rest, love yourself, and begin to move forward you will begin to care for yourself. That includes: eating right, dressing nicely, getting out and seeing friends, and loving yourself and your family. What follows can only be good.

Be Well!


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