Bootcamp Perfect

As a Fitness Instructor I’m constantly searching my memory banks for exercises for class. My participants don’t complain, but I get bored. Besides I know there’s real value in mixing things up. The thing I also recognize is that the audience is the single most important component of an exercise class. Age, physical limitations, and fitness level must be considered and then the rest is tailored to that audience.

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Photo Compliments of the Official Air Force Blog

Generally a Bootcamp class has been the classes taught outside — in nice weather preferably, but not always. Designed to mimic the military basic training many trainers use the “in-your-face” approach. The huge difference is that in Basic (any branch of the service basic) those people do not have a choice about where they will be. They have signed on the dotted line and they are committed. Now many people love that approach because they believe they’re getting real “hard-core” training. It’s often considered as good as a military training camp. WRONG! Military training breaks and rebuilds people. It’s just not the same.One lady told me she used to go to a class like that and decided she didn’t need the stress involved in having someone scream at her. She said, “I wanted a solid workout — not additional stress! My life is stressful enough.” Pushing can come without screaming at people. Encouragement is a fine art. Just don’t believe you need that to get a good workout.

It’s my belief that group fitness, boot camp, cardio interval training, and even weight training classes must have a component of instruction to it. Make them work hard, correct their form, remind them of the mechanics of the move and push them toward doing their best! I watch instructors all the time in the facility where I train now. We don’t have any screamers, but I see individual personalities who approach their classes with their personalized brand of training. They encourage, switch up training and push people to get results.

So, now you know there is an alternative for you. . . a Bootcamp that will push you hard. You can leave the screamer behind. (or not).

Be Well!


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