Hey, Nurse!

Growing up my family often traveled to my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Dick’s house in Levittown, Pennsylvania. It was a 2 hour drive up the turnpike, and an excursion we always looked forward to. My mother and Aunt Elaine have told me a story about myself for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been fond of dogs and compassionate about their comfort.mon summer day my aunt looked out the kitchen window to see me with a bowl of water to a dog chained in the yard next door. She threw open the window and called out, “Hey nurse! That dog bites. Don’t get near him!” I remember gathering margarine containers to give all the dogs in the neighborhood a little drink, so I’m sure the story is true. 

This story also speaks to my nature and explains my motivation in life. I’ve always been a person who’s all-in! Before I started my work in the fitness industry I was a marketing and public relations geek. I have always been a company gal and worked very hard for my employer. My last job before becoming a stay at home mom was for a company in San Diego. I worked for a company called Copy Copy. We did copying for businesses, primarily attorney’s. The location I managed was in the Golden Triangle/LaJolla. When I started the sales averaged $12,ooo/month. After a year sales averaged $40,000 monthly. Company gal. Compassionate and dedicated. I’ve carried that same work ethic into my fitness work. I’m interested in providing the best for my clients. I care about their health, wellness and over-all good experience with fitness. I believe this is the kind of ethic you should see in your fitness instructor. 

This doesn’t mean you can only hire me, but when you seek a person to help you get in shape look for these attributes as well as expertise in the fileld. For those of you living in St. Charles County, Missouri I believe you would be best served at the St. Peters RecPlex. I started working there in the beginning of 2016 and continue to be blown away by the professionalism of the staff. The instructors can push you without injury, advise you because they have the necessary knowledge and education, and motivate you as a person — not just a client. 

I am honored to be working amongst such fine professionals. I hope you find the same caliber fitness instructors where you live.

Be Well! 

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