Heart’s Desire

I want to live my life as closely as I can to these three rules.IMG_2624

  1. Choose an occupation that will be more than just a job. Make sure it’s your heart’s desire.
  2. Always give it your best shot. Make it as perfect as you can.
  3. Make sure you are always peaceful.

I’m convinced that the rest will follow. Everything else in life will fall into place. It takes trust. . . and faith.

The alternative is something I fall into from time to time. When bills need to be paid, or my schedule seems more open than I prefer — I panic. I begin to start “marketing” looking for side work, and fear grips my heart. Hopefully sooner rather than later I realize that I’m violating Rule #3. Panic is not peaceful.

This past week I contemplated — for a brief moment — looking elsewhere for income. Instantly I saw the earmarks of my insecure, doubtful 2-year-old running wild. That’s what I call the human part of us that loses faith. A 2-year-old doesn’t know enough to keep the faith. A 2-year-old has their own agenda and has to be controlled — and taught. Mine doesn’t show up often, but when she does she churns me up and tries to pull me into the Fear-Based world. I know her tricks! I recognized what was happening and I responded. I put her in time out and started to write to you about this latest struggle.

I firmly believe that your heart’s desire is the thing you were put on this planet to do. For me it was a nudge from God to serve the world with my unconventional approach to health and fitness. For some people it’s being involved in the retail business, or as a laborer. Some people know instantly what they want to be or do. Others have to search. When my children were very young I struggled with my path. I loved my kids and my husband, had fantastic friends, but was depressed. I didn’t know that I even had a heart’s desire. I found mine when a friend showed up at my door, and offered to pray with me to help my deep sadness. I couldn’t tell you what she said, but I was left with an overwhelming feeling of love, and after she left I began to formulate a foundation for my work. It was then that I decided I wanted to help people improve their lives.

photo (26)When you’re doing your life’s purpose you can be assured that everything will work out. So, I have come to recognize that the work I’m doing now is exactly what I’m meant to do. The new people I’ve met, the classes I teach are exactly perfect for me. They bring me peace. I’ve come to recognize that I’d been stuck in a place that didn’t bring peace, and my world crumbled. Through belief and faith I’ve followed my Heart’s Desire and am back on the path.

I hope you find your peace and purpose.

Be Well!

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