Labor Defined

On this Labor Day let’s agree to make living a little easier?
Labor — by definition is hard. Labor is NOT Life. We seem to have forgotten that. Labor has to do with the physical work of fixing, industry, delivering a baby.
Labor is not living. It is a process to help us live. When you begin to be hard on yourself — remember to LIVE and LOVE!
Have a restful and Blessed Day!
Much love, Karen

Labor Defined — Remember this isn’t living.

noun: labour; plural noun: labours; noun: labor; plural noun: labors; noun:Labour
  1. 1.
    work, especially hard physical work.
    “the price of repairs includes labor and parts”
    synonyms: work, hard work, toil, exertion, industry, drudgery, effort,menial work; More

    antonyms: rest, leisure
    • workers, especially manual workers, considered collectively.
      “nonunion casual labor”
      synonyms: workers, employees, workmen, workforce, staff, working people, blue-collar workers, laborers, labor force,proletariat

      “management and labor need to cooperate”
      antonyms: management
    • manual workers considered as a social class or political force.
      “the labor movement”
    • a department of government concerned with a nation’s workforce.
      modifier noun: Labour; modifier noun: Labor; noun: Labor
      “Secretary of Labor”
  2. 2.
    the process of childbirth, especially the period from the start of uterine contractions to delivery.
    “his wife is in labor
    synonyms: childbirth, birth, delivery, nativity; More

  3. 3.
    (in the UK or Canada) the Labour Party.
verb: labour; 3rd person present: labours; past tense: laboured; past participle: laboured; gerund or present participle: labouring; verb: labor; 3rd person present: labors; past tense: labored; past participle: labored; gerund or present participle: laboring
  1. 1.
    work hard; make great effort.
    “they labored from dawn to dusk in two shifts”
    synonyms: work, work hard, toil, slave (away), grind away, struggle,strive, exert oneself, work one’s fingers to the bone, work like a dog, work like a Trojan; More

    • work at an unskilled manual occupation.
      “he was eking out an existence by laboring”
    • have difficulty in doing something despite working hard.
      “Coley labored against confident opponents”
    • (of an engine) work noisily and with difficulty.
      “the wheels churned, the engine laboring”
    • move or proceed with trouble or difficulty.
      “they labored up a steep, tortuous track”
    • (of a ship) roll or pitch heavily.
    • archaic
      till (the ground).
      “the land belonged to him who labored it”
Middle English labo(u)r, from Old French labour (noun), labourer (verb), both from Latin labor ‘toil, trouble.’

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