Monkey See, Don’t Do

My schedule is filled with exercise classes for people ranging in age from adult to preschool. Everybody is talking about the Olympics. It’s wonderful! These are the times when we live extraneously through these global elite athletes. We see the games and try to emulate their commitment and dedication. Adults talk about the results and perhaps pick up a few extra exercise classes. The preschool class tries to vault and jump off the balance beam — completing their walk by throwing their little arms in the air. That’s exactly how we all feel — throw your hands up in the air and applaud. National pride is terrific, but beyond that we’re proud of each athlete who’s achieving their life-long dream. It’s great inspiration.

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get ourselves moving. The Olympics are likely doing that for many people. The most important thing to remember is that you aren’t nearly in the condition of these athletes. Many of us aren’t near their age either <grin>.

What NOT to do.  Here’s a bad example of how you could respond to the Games. Run down to your community pool and decide you’re going to do laps. Choose the 50 meter pool because that’s what they use in the Olympics. Continuing the illusion you get your official suit, goggles, swim fins and kick board. Now you’re ready to train. Dive into the water — and belly flop. There’s a science to a proper start, but you haven’t learned that yet. I’ll tell you right now. Even the guy with the least experience with swimming will know you don’t know what you’re doing if you just dive in and try to swim laps. Don’t embarrass yourself. Try to make a plan.

Here’s an idea for a Plan.  I recommend the following plan of attack. If you see a sport you find interesting — let’s say swimming — start simple. Find an area swimming pool that has water aerobics classes, and sign up now! After several months of classes sign up for swim lessons. You want to learn to do proper strokes. You can also take private lessons. The great thing is that many communities have adult swim teams and small competitions between the participants. Search for something at your community recreation center.  Let the Olympic Games inspire you to move and become active.

Be Well!

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