Looks Can Deceive

The summer is coming to a close. Families are more than likely done with vacation because kids are preparing to go back to school. Gardens may be faltering because heat has taken its toll, and the final Labor Day picnic is fast approaching. How did you enjoy your summer?

Did you enjoy going to the beach or the local pool? Were you satisfied with your body in a swim suit, or did you just decide it was too hot to care about how you looked when you were exposed? I believe we miss the point of life when we’re only worried about appearances. Eating well and exercising are meant to keep us living longer, more productive lives. However, living has become a competition about who has the best appearance. CIMG0908

Appearances are truly deceiving. We get wrapped up in how we look, and make judgments about other people based on their appearances. Have you looked at a person who is heavy-set, and drawn the conclusion that they are not healthy because of the extra weight? Have you seen people who are thin and assumed they were healthy, but discovered they’re crippled with arthritis and kidney disease? How often has a friend who always appeared healthy become sick or died? I propose we decide to change our attitude about living. Instead of being concerned about how sugar or pasta will look on your hips — think about how it will make you feel. Will it help your longevity? (The word “longevity” is a synonym for “life expectancy”.) How long do you want to live? I wanted my Dad to live a lot longer than he did. I want my Mother to be around — as healthy as possible — for another 10 – 15 years. I’d like to follow suit as long as I can keep moving well, and be able to use my brain.

The next time you prepare a meal and sit down to enjoy it think to yourself, “Is this going to help me live longer? Jump higher, and stick around to see my great-grandchildren graduate and get married?” Here’s a TRUTH — When you eat and keep active with the idea of living longer; your body will be more lean and healthy. Make better choices. You owe it to yourself. Don’t believe that thin necessarily means healthy.

Be Well!

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