Advance Exercise Prep

Last week we talked about preparing food in advance. This week I would like to talk about scheduling your exercise time. caregiverHow do you remember when its time to go get your hair cut or go to the doctor? Calendar. You know those things. There are electronic versions that have the capability to alert you when something is about to happen. Paper versions are sized anywhere from 3×5 to wall mounted. I know you use a calendar. Why don’t you write in your exercise time?

The question remains — how often do you have to exercise? As often as you can, as little as you desire, and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Yesterday I had a client who expressed her frustration because she hasn’t made any of the scheduled workout appointments. When I looked at her calendar I could understand why. She was going from no exercise to kicking it up 7 days a week. She wanted results! Well, let’s be reasonable.

  1. Schedule what you will be able to do. Start with 2-3 times a week. Choose a time that you know you will have the energy and you won’t be distracted by life.
  2. Take a friend. Accountability is so important. It keeps you going. It makes you show up. Ask a friend or neighbor to walk or ride bikes with you. You don’t have to go to a gym.
  3. Make it something you will like. If team sports always made you feel good then join an adult league. Soccer, baseball, volleyball. There will be something out there if you just look. Suggest your church start something. I bet there are lots of people who want to join you.

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Now that you have it scheduled how will you stick to it? You have to know what motivates you. WHY you want to be active. If you don’t know WHY explore other posts on this site and learn to discover your WHY!

Be Well!

Read about WHY and how to develop your personal Motivation!



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