Everybody Loves a Vacation

ZWL pic caregiver liz beth 1Tomorrow launches a free two-hour workshop of Repair the Caregiver. For those of you who are NOT caregivers you probably wonder how Caregivers can be broken! The truth of the matter is that Caregivers are the most focused, tolerant, and resourceful people on the planet. They are the experts at bending over backward to care for their loved ones. They truly deserve awards and accolades, but they don’t want that. They want a good quality of life for the person they love and care for day in and day out. With no end in sight they really do need a vacation, but rarely will they take it because they don’t think of themselves. They focus all their energy on their loved one. THAT’s why they need Repair. They need a vacation to replenish their engines. They need to be able to breathe and not feel guilty about even wanting time for themselves.

For a short period of time these people are asked to think of themselves. What’s the point? It will help them recognize that new thought patterns can still allow them to be true to their dreams while they carry out the day-to-day care of their Loved One. Join us as we take a deep breath, share a funny story, and to be ready to step back into your role as caregiver with a new attitude. Exercises include mapping a plan for the next 3-5 years. Guided relaxation will teach people to leave the day-to-day grind, and introduce their loved one to some of the things they enjoy. Together they can discover new things — and grow even closer.

When chaos rules the day. When agencies don’t seem to hear your need. Repair the Caregiver will give you the tools you need to make it through the rough spots. What if you don’t live here? What if you would like to have this help, but live miles away? A program in your area would be great! Contact your case worker and ask about having me come do a program in your area. Repair the Caregiver has already helped many people, and we are just getting started. Join the Grassroots movement to bring this program to Caregivers across the country. Share with your friends. Get the word out. I’d like everybody to learn how to have a vacation right where you are!

Be Well!
Registration for a 6 hour course of Repair the Caregiver at St. Charles Community College. Click here to register

2 thoughts on “Everybody Loves a Vacation

  1. Wishing you great luck in this endeavor. The caregivers and their loved ones will benefit greatly from your boundless optimism, realistic solutions, and compassion.




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