Don’t Wait For a Diagnosis

ZWL is an acronym for Zesty Wonderful Living! It started as a concern about weight loss and has evolved into so much CIMG0869more. Overweight, obesity, and weight loss issues are merely the tip of the iceberg. If we analyze weight from the inside out first we see folds of fat. Underneath the fat is the strain on the heart, skeletal structure (knees and hips in particular). Finally the brain and the spirit of the person carrying all that weight comes under attack from the fat we can see. Weight diminishes all chance of having a Zesty Wonderful Life, and that must be your focus.

I’ve been watching, reading and contemplating the series The Truth About Cancer. As with every alternative medical opinion this has drawn criticism from many, but using it as one component to educate people should not be a cause for alarm. As with everything I suggest for my clients and this audience I believe the person has to approach with a prayerful attitude. Contemplating any change you make in your belief system or practice must be done one person at a time. You should always reflect on how the recommendations will affect YOU and your family. Jumping in because someone else did is not the way to go. Educate yourself first, pray, and then move on the conviction you feel in your heart.

Among the thousands of web sites encountered was a blog by Stacy Rancourt, author of The 31-day Self Love Challenge. I was impressed with the blog Stacy wrote, Documentary Review: The Truth About Cancer. Please take time to visit her site and read her review. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Use it as part of your education. Don’t wait for a diagnosis before you add some of these healthier alternatives to your life.

Be Well!

Happy Anniversary To Jared and Kelley Sullivan and Bobbie and Gary Goodridge

photo 1gary and bobbie

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