On many levels we influence our bodies as well as our lives. In the normal use of the word reciprocity we immediately understand that a sharing of benefits exists. Licensing, school credit transfers and other things, but it also reflects there is a dependence or influence present. I see reciprocity in our body, mind and spirit. The most obvious is eating foods we shouldn’t. The physical symptoms of that disordered eating are illness, weight changes, or mood alterations. Likewise how we treat our bodies can cause internal damage.

IMG_2998Did you know that flossing can help extend your life? I bet you thought I was going to talk about exercise and eating right! HA! This goes beyond the normal preaching you would hear from Karen the Fitness Instructor and Life Coach. It strikes to the very heart of Mindfulness! Just when you believed you had your routine under control there may possibly be one thing you haven’t considered that will benefit your health.  This flossing revelation may not be news to you. It was presented in an article in 2015 and in this article it quotes a 2013 study. I recommend you take the time to review this article. Then you can examine and be mindful of your day. Making sure all that you do, think and believe will lead you to the healthy body and lifestyle you deserve.

Does it sound like a tall order? Well, it isn’t — It’s called living, and living a healthy full life. This is not a test drive, it isn’t a dress rehearsal! You are living the life you created. Take steps to stay on top of the waves that come your way. Be aware of what you do, as when you do it. Stop making excuses for your choices and complain later that you’re unhappy. You are the boss of your life. Act like it and take charge. Make a decision about how you wish to feel, look and live. The choices which follow should only support THAT goal. Reciprocity! You have great influence over what happens in your body and your life. Here’s to making the best choices for yourself.

Be Well!





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