Bliss and Balance

At 19 I went off to college holding the maxim, “fly while you still have your wings” in my heart and mind. While I was convinced it was an adventure that would bring growth I think I was so open-minded some of my brains fell out! Youth. How many of us have experienced these things that bring truth to the expression hindsight is 20/20?

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. We believe we have the best plan ever. Until we realize that the plan we have isn’t the best, and things fall apart. There’s nothing wrong with trying. The only sad thing would be to never try to move toward your vision. Is there a way to go for your dream and guarantee you have made all the right choices? I don’t believe that can happen, and I really don’t think we want guarantees in life. We want to try it and see what happens. Out of great trials have come great errors which in turn have led to life saving discoveries.

  • Wilhem Roentgen who found X-rays when simply trying to investigate the properties of cathodic ray tubes.
  • Percy Spencer brought us microwave ovens while conducting a radar-related research project with a new vacuum tube.
  • John Hopps, while researching hypothermia, used radio frequency heating to restore body temperature and brought us the Pacemaker.
  • Sir Alexander Fleming whose search for a wonder drug to cure disease ended in frustration. Then he threw everything away, and noticed that a Petri dish he’d trashed contained a mold that was dissolving all the bacteria around it. Hence Penicillin!

Can you Imagine life without the discoveries of these visionaries? You never know what the results could be, either for your own life or for the lives of others — let alone the world. You owe it to yourself and the world to continue to dream your dreams, make your plans and go for it. I do believe there are two important things we should always integrate into our plans.

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Bliss and Balance 

Listening to our inner guidance should be a component of every decision. Some call it a gut check, others believe they look inward toward a part of their mind and memories to verify plans. The important thing is to check and recheck. What do carpenters say?

Measure Twice — Cut Once

The balance aspect of our decision process is to remember to spread ourselves around. Going ALL-IN is good until you lose track of everything around you. If you have a plan to start a new business it will take determination and work. If that hard work makes you neglect your health or family — you’re out of balance —  then you face the very real possibility that when you arrive at your goal, you’ll really have nothing. Do you honestly want to risk that?

Balance keeps you in touch with the world, your dream and the present. Don’t believe working long hours will make things manifest and results will come faster or better. You want to be able to enjoy life with all you hold dear when you’ve arrived. So schedule your work, relaxation, exercise, and time with family. Write it in your calendar. Set the alarm or reminders on your phone to stop and make a call to your siblings, kids or parents. With my clients an integrated life includes: Family, Exercise, Spirit and Worship, Relaxation, Health/Exercise and Nutrition, Sleep and finally Work. Integrated lives are fulfilling lives. Measure the attention you’ve paid to each of these areas of your life, then cut in the areas you feel you spend too much time — create Balance.

Be Well!




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