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Improving Lives One Person at a Time!

There’s a special place in my heart for people who like to exercise. I started my career as a personal trainer, but quickly advanced into post-rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise. Over the past 12 years I’ve come to realize that some people aren’t able to exercise no matter how much they might love and need it. That’s when I started working with the person and not only the body.

Attitude and Fitness

We hear it everywhere. Positive thinking is empowering. Negative thoughts can drag you down. Young athletes are fond of IMG_2624saying, “get your head in the game.” This is just a small example of the think and become attitude we’ve all used at one point in our lives. Cheering and high-fives exist in everything from sales conventions to high school pep squad. It’s helpful to a point, but the cheering alone won’t bring the win. I’ve had hundreds of clients throughout the years who wanted change in their bodies so badly they were willing to give themselves shin splints and detached Achilles tendons. In the final analysis they still didn’t reach their goal.

The Icing on the Cake

My tag line used to be Improving Fitness One Body at a Time. Then I had an epiphany! It wasn’t about fitness alone, what I wanted to do for people was make their lives better. I firmly believe that the fitness will follow when they feel better about themselves and can find their way clear to address those issues WITHIN THE FRAME WORK OF THEIR LIVES. My work with Caregivers really woke me up to the limited mind-set I had about my work.

People who care for a someone with special health care needs no matter what the age of that loved one, will not have the same availability for exercise as a young single adult or a traveling salesman. The variables in the life of a Caregiver are astounding. I’ve commented before, but they are true heroes, but so are people with chronic illness. When clients are sick their movement is impaired so their needs are very different from anyone else. These clients spurred me to develop my special programs. More information is available through my online shop. Click on the class name to see details.

Attitude Still Makes the Difference

There are alternatives to what you always thought was the way to get fit, be healthy and change your life. If you struggle through workouts with leg braces and injuries, you may need to change things a little. Don’t only think outside the box — find a new box.Somewhere there is a box that will be a better fit for you. Explore your options — you owe it to yourself.

Membership Info? Click Photo

Membership Info? Click Photo

With all my coaching, seminars I must say I still love my exercise classes. I’m excited that I’ll be working in my community soon at the St. Peters RecPlex. My classes are User Specific — tailored to fit your body. Attitude does make a difference, and specialized classes that are designed to help you can build your self-esteem. That’s enough to boost your attitude any day. My specific class times will be announced shortly. Hope to see you there.

Be Well!

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