Coaching Looks Forward

Coaching is about improving something in your life; not rehashing the past. As a Life Coach I work with people who recognize that their choices have brought them to a place, job, or body they don’t like. They want to change, but don’t know how. The work I do helps people sort through their choices, and chart a course toward positive changes. It’s not to be confused with therapy or counseling.

Meet Crystal Before

Yes, this is the same woman you see below.

I’m somewhat familiar with both of those professions. I have several friends who are counselors and my father was a substance abuse counselor for more than 30 years. I respect these professionals, and I’ve been in counseling perhaps three times in my life. I didn’t stay long because I saw no benefit in rehashing my life story. I felt like I could give them a blow-by-blow account of my history and run out of money before I ever started feeling better. Explaining what happened, how it happened, and all that just didn’t seem to be something I could benefit from.

If I wanted to tell my story I’d write a book.  Oh, wait. . . I have written a book! My first book was published in 2013 and the companion book just came out in September of 2015. The story in the pages of The Zen of Weight Loss is my story in that it shows you the things I learned during my quest for health and fitness for myself and my clients. The second book Your Perfect Food Plan is an aid to learn how to journal. However, sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Enter the Life Coach.

Life Coach

Life Coaching begins where you are now, examines where you want to go, and draws the two closer together. When we work I only need a ‘bare bones” outline of your life. Not the entire saga. When you retell a story you relive it and put down stronger roots into the drama. You’ll never move ahead. I don’t want to be responsible for feeding the past. I want to help you start to enjoy your life. Growing from past lessons is much better than carrying baggage along with you. It isn’t an overnight fix. It’s work on several levels. A new workout and diet won’t do it. You should prepare to make crystal zwlchanges in body, mind and spirit, but these changes will be epic and lasting.

The results are directly proportional to the work you put into it. Some people do a 12 week session and strike out on their own. Others like Crystal pictured here has been working with me for years. She, along with a hand full of other clients, has discovered the value of having a Life Coach. I see people weekly for a while, then sometimes bi-weekly or monthly. Each person’s needs are different. I’m the coach who listens and helps you sort things out. It’s wonderful to see that my clients care enough about themselves to seek my help. The results are always magnificent. I’m very proud of all of them.

Make the investment in your health, sanity and happiness. I’d love to be your Life Coach.

Be Well!



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