There Are No Limits

The next time you think about complaining about workouts, look at the Adaptive Training Foundation’s members workouts. What you’ll see are individuals who are creating a life of strength and independence. My words pale in comparison to the description on the ATF web page; Adaptive Training Foundation’s mission is to empower the human athlete, restore hope through movement, and redefine the limits of individuals with disabilities.

In January of 2014 David Vobora, a 5-year veteran of the NFL met US Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills.  Since retiring from the NFL, David owns and is head trainer of Performance Vault, a for-profit gym providing customized performance training for elite athletes.  David opened up his gym, and offered up his training expertise to Travis, who despite being a quadruple amputee, never lost the inner desire to live “Army Strong.”  The pair started working out together, customizing and adapting to the unique challenges posed by Travis’ injuries.  Through working with Travis and engaging the veteran community, specifically those that were severely injured, David developed a passion for helping those with life-altering injuries find a path to life-fulfilling activity and fitness through adaptive performance training.”

I may be late coming to this party. This may be old news, and you already know about the work being done in Dallas, Texas. If you do I assume you’ve already made a donation to their cause. If you have just heard about this program look at the web page and please consider donating to this program.

Exercise is about body, mind, and spirit. If you have a healthy body with no injuries you should consider yourself fortunate. Get into the gym, it’s more important than you realize.

Be Well!

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Adaptive Training Foundation

Adaptive Training Foundation — Click to Donate Today!

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