Square Peg in a Round Hole World

You’ve been on a hiatus for. . . a while. You haven’t moved your body, nor had a decent sit-down meal in. . . forever. So, how do you step back into a workout, diet lifestyle? Oh, I must mention that you aren’t made of money so joining a gym, eating organic, hiring a trainer aren’t options you can entertain. Even though you believe you’re alone in the world, you have more company than you realize. There are lots of square pegs in the world. This is my take on how you can create a healthy life that will fit you.

Balance. Weigh your options.

Balance. Weigh your options.

The pressure is all around you with advice on how to get fit, reduce blood sugars, lose fat, and feel better about yourself. It’s hard to decide where to start. First you must decide which description really applies to you. Appearances mean nothing. This is a private conversation between you, and yourself. Be Honest!

Which are You?

Let’s say that the Round Hole people fit nicely in the gym scene. They have had some gym experience, are comfortable going to work out and join classes. They aren’t necessarily the younger generation, but people who already have a good idea what exercise and sports demands, and they enjoy it or have in the past. They’ve been around the gym block before. For this article I want to focus on those who flounder when it comes to a fitness routine.

The emphasis of my work has been with the Square Pegs for the past 10-15 years. You may recognize yourself when I describe the people who fall into this category.

  • They have either never tried to exercise, or its been very long since they last did.
  • They’re sometimes intimidated by a fitness center or exercise classes.
  • Their responsibilities allow for very little time to go somewhere to exercise. I’ve noticed this in the past two years working with Caregivers. All their attention is focused on a Loved One, and little if any on themselves.

Advice for Square Pegs

The Square Peg people often shy away from a gym. This is unfortunate, but true none-the-less. Don’t feel as if you’re being singled out. I think you make up a pretty large percent of the population today. Boomers who have slipped through the cracks and are struggling while trying to improve their health and wellness. I want to provide additional support for your venture, and some recommendations.

  1. Don’t write off a gym completely. For people really intimidated by a gym I suggest you start with a YMCA or local Recreation Facility in your town. They’re more family oriented and you’ll find a generous class schedule as well as company of people your age.
  2. If you have no local city facility then begin shopping. Check out the gyms. Go at the time you are most likely to workout and see who else is there. If there are people you can be comfortable with ask for a week pass to try it out. Then make sure you go.
  3. When it comes to instruction you’ll have to hire a personal trainer or attend classes. I always recommend you choose a place that offers free classes. If you like the facility, staff and other members but they don’t offer classes be sure you can afford the training. Those trainers make their living as fitness instructors, please don’t ask for free advice.
  4. If you’re not comfortable with any of these choices then start walking at home. I never believe you should buy an exercise bike or treadmill or ANY equipment until you know you are going to use it! First plan to walk a little every day and develop the habit.

This web site has articles dating back to 2011. You can surf through or you can contact me directly. I’m also available on the web site AllExperts.com and Facebook at Karen Sullivan’s ZWL Coaching page. I welcome questions and give advice as requested. I really want to help you improve your life!

Be Well!

Next Week: “Helping the Round Holes”


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