Fitness Logic

For decades fitness people (including me) have taught our clients calories in-calories out. What that leaves us with are clients who disregard nutrition and estimate how much longer they have to run to burn off the candy they ate. The quality of the food we’re eating, regardless of how low the calorie count, doesn’t supply the proper nutrition our bodies need. Done habitually because said client doesn’t really want to change their eating, we can begin to see the metabolic chaos that is leading more and more people into obesity and/or diabetes. I’m not the only one who has recognized this. Several factions of the government are attempting to educate the public with campaigns like 5 A Day. I don’t think many people are listening.

This past week someone said to me, “I get lost in all the information.” This is not a surprise! Even I get lost in all the information out there. There was a time when I would field questions about diets from clients. I spent a fortune on diet books — read them — studied them — tried them — and threw them away. However, I must say this process was, in part, responsible for the development of the ZWL plan. What is that plan, you ask? Learn to develop Fitness Logic, and the logical thing is to relying on what you find to be best for you.NATPL031

Your ZWL Plan — The Zen of Whole Living

After more than 25 years in this business I can roughly estimate I’ve worked with about 10,000 people. As their trainers I had some control over their exercise. However, the food has always been a different story. When someone says they’re eating chicken I assume they mean a piece of chicken; breast, thigh, wing, leg. Sometimes they are talking about nuggets that are more parts than meat. People don’t understand that just because the menu or the box says it’s “chicken” doesn’t mean that it is! The possibilities where food can derail you are endless. Over the past decade I’ve started handing out guidelines for my people, and within those guidelines they develop their personalized food choices. No more passing the buck. . . it stops with you.

My Guidelines Start with a Food Diary and Then. . . 

  1. You are the only one who can truly know how you feel. Food plays a role in everything from body to mind to emotional issues. Issues from too much food, to too little food, to wrong kinds of food, unbalanced foods, as well as hydration all come into play.
  2. I don’t live with you so I only know what you tell me. When you tell me one thing and I see no results. . . I know there is a variable you aren’t considering. It’s a nice way to say. . . you may be lying to yourself (and to me).
  3. If you don’t write down what you eat I will not be able to help you make adjustments. I believe food education begins on the fork. If you don’t get to experience the results of eating. . . then you won’t understand what anyone says about food. You have to live it.  I help my clients draw conclusions. I connect the dots. I show you the trees that are hiding in the forest. You already have the answers….we uncover them together.
  4. You know the answers to creating the best diet for yourself. Eat your diet.

Let me show you how!


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