Fitness Starts Where You Are

The most powerful truth I try to share with people is that Fitness starts between the ears. You don’t have to strive to become fit. You can think it, claim that you want to be fit, and move into fitness. Clients tell me all the time that they’re GOING to get fit, change habits, and start going to the gym. The flaw comes in believing they have to move toward these things when in reality you can believe it and make it so. Sounds like something you would hear in a fantasy story, or perhaps it reminds you of the “think system” from “The Music Man”. No matter how it sounds, you can bet your last dollar it’s true.

So, why don’t more people think and become thin and healthy?  

First of all, this idea is fantasy — magic, and that isn’t how the world works. The second reason is because people start at the goal. They follow fitness advice given through the centuries for hundreds of thousands of people. Many of those people failed, yet we follow their path anyway. What you need is a program that is for YOU and YOU alone. To do that, begin at your Current Location.

When traveling any road, don’t you have to know where you are first? On your GPS you enter your current location. . . then where you want to go. Instead people make changes without checking on what they have already, or on what time, energy, finances they have available to do this road trip.

Working with Caregivers, Baby Boomers, and people who need Rehabilitation has taught me success comes with baby steps. When your schedule or the restrictive movement holds you back you have to find another way. I believe this WAY applies to all of us. I believe that if we all take a page from this playbook we will begin to see sustainable changes.

Start Fitness With A Thought

  1. Take an inventory of how you feel, what you would like to change, and your schedule.
  2. Choose one thing you would like to address. Let’s say you recognize you are eating too much sugar. That is the thing you will try to change.
  3. Make a list of the sugar treats you like to eat. Now for the really hard-core approach; I always recommend you have no sugar and eliminate them all. However, some of my clients who are addicted to sugar have found that they need one thing to keep them on track. I suggest you try it my way…if it doesn’t work for you then find one thing you can use when you are edgy, but make sure you can control the amount you eat and the frequency of eating that thing.
  4.  With either approach you need to keep a food diary. You are not only interested in how much and often you eat foods (and the sugar in particular), but in how the food makes you feel.

That’s it. Starting slowly will take the pressure off. A food diary will help you stay present, and when you’re ready to move into the next step you’ll know. For some it takes a few days, for others it takes a few weeks. Regardless — Believe you are Fit. Believe you will only get better, and pat yourself on the back with each day that you stay the course.

Be Well!

P.S. There are other posts on this site about Journaling and changing habits. If you are interested in working with a Life Coach to making lasting changes just ask. You can also read more at this site and the ZWL Coaching photo. 


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