Symptoms of Hitting Rock Bottom:

You resist jumping on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. I don’t blame you there. The overwhelming influx of advertising to lose weight and get in shape is enough to send me running for the hills. Everybody has a gimmick — some supported by celebrities — that guarantee you success. However, you aren’t feeling it.

You feel sick, tight, bloated, let-down, disappointed, stressed, achy. There are a thousand other synonyms that can describe feelings of yuck. When you aren’t yourself, and haven’t been for years — those feelings are an indication that you are circling the drain.

You suddenly get serious — join a gym, hire a trainer, throw out all the junk food. You’re headed in the right direction, but you choose to make too many changes, too fast, too soon, too intensely. Because by mid-February you begin to skip workouts, and maybe start eating food you know is wrong.

Relief for the Bottom Dwellers

The truly amazing thing is that there is, within your wheelhouse, a way to pull yourself up and WIN as you have never won before.

  • Admit to yourself that you are miserable. You don’t have to tell anyone else, but don’t lie to yourself.
  • Look at your life today and count on one hand the 5 things you are unhappy about. Does your face resemble the one you see in your mind’s eye? Can you still fit into your clothes you wore last winter? Do you find yourself breaking down in tears for no obvious reason? You don’t have to tell anyone else what you discover here. You don’t have to share with anyone. When I work with my Life Coaching clients I ask them to search, but not share with me. It saves them embarrassment, and helps them maintain their dignity. Nobody wants to admit they need help. Nobody wants to show their vulnerable side.

SIDEBAR: This is one reason why my InHome Personal Training clients call on me. They don’t want to go to a gym and admit to the world that they need to get in shape. Privacy is important, and working out at home keeps people happy as they reach their goals. You should try it. On to the next step.

  •    Now I want you to find the key to your motivation*** ZWL calls it finding your WHY. The reason behind the changes you wish to make. These have nothing to do with size, shape, or even energy levels. This has to do with your Spirit reaching into the world to make you happy and fulfilled. It is a heart level, soul level kind of motivation. Again, very special and private.
Resistance to Change

The difficult thing about this is that people refuse to take this step. They would rather beat themselves up running, or lifting weights 4-6 days a week. Clients who have stuck with me for a long time in the Life Coaching Arena have found my recommendations to be TRUE! Above all — this way of working yourself back to health, fitness and joy — this works every time.

So, why do people resist? I believe there are 3 reasons:

  1. The Fitness Community has taught us to make changes with DIET and EXERCISE — Period! This just seems like it’s too good to be true.
  2. Nobody believes this approach can bring them the results they desire, and need. Again, it seems too good to be true.
  3. People don’t love themselves enough to make lasting changes. Sadly this is at the center of all fitness and personal growth issues.

Changes that begin by merging body-mind-spirit are the ones that last. I encourage you to read more about making livable changes for fitness on this site and throughout the book, The Zen of Weight Loss (available through this website). As always, begin by figuring out what you want and why you really want it.

Be Well!



***– followed quickly by implementing mindfulness.

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