Easy Food Guidelines

In this microwave society where we expect everything at the push of a button, articles and news reports focus on uncomplicated and fast answers for diets. I’ve seen reports of programs recommending anywhere from 7 to 10 rules of engagement. I assume the fewer rules you have the more attractive the program. ZWL boils fitness down to 2 basic guidelines for food. Let’s stick with the basics.

  1. Only eat or drink foods  and beverages which make you feel AMAZING. It will give you seemingly unlimited energy.

    This is how you feel when you’ve eaten the wrong foods. Flat and low energy. You should feel AMAZING!

    They also don’t leave you feeling lethargic after eating, and never do they make you bloated and uncomfortable.

  2. No matter how wonderful they taste, food and drink will not solve your hurts, worries, or problems. When you’re moody (We’re talking about any mood here.) never begin to eat or drink. Wait until you can process the feelings behind your desire to consume food.

Rather than mindlessly eating, it’s important to use thoughtful consideration at mealtime. Food is the gasoline you put into your human engine. It’s true that your body will run best when given the higher grade of fuel. Cheep gas. oil, and other fluids in your car might shorten the life of the engine. Same for your body. There is actually little difference between how your body operates, and what we call a tip-top car engine.

Your engine (body) will run best on:

  1. Proteins
  2. Vegetables and some fruits
  3. Water

To feel on top of the world ZWL recommends you steer clear of the grains, root vegetables, and sugar.** They act like condensation in your fuel line and can botch up your performance. Just try this during the Holiday. If you must, allow yourself to have one grain or sugar food per day. Write back and let me know how you feel.

As always, Be Well!


** This opinion is based on more than 25 years experience, education and proven results with clients. I always recommend you keep a food diary so you can discover what works best for you. I do not recommend fad diets, especially those that recommend medication.

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