How I Know What I Know

Last week I walked up to the house of a client mentally running through the routine I planned to do for her weekly workout with me. As she answered the door we hugged and I felt tension that indicated something had changed in her body. So I asked her what was going on. We had been making great strides with her fitness, and virtually eradicated the low back pain she was experiencing when we began. However, it had been two weeks since we last met and carrying a granddaughter had reversed our progress. She was experiencing back pain. I changed the plan for the day to address her issues after I saw and felt how her body was moving.

Nancy at the Book Depository Museum in Dallas., Texas

Nancy at the Book Depository Museum in Dallas, Texas Click on her picture to see her web page.

I’m not making claims at being a psychic. I have a friend, Nancy Myer who is a marvelous psychic and author. I know I don’t have her gift, but Nancy did teach me how to follow my intuition.

Throughout the years I’ve learned to follow my instincts regarding my clients. I can read people because your body gives clues as to how you feel. People with tight hamstrings walk in a different manner than someone who is experiencing an issue with tension in the upper back. Shoulder pain can radiate into the neck, teeth or down the arms to the hands. I know what a body can do on any given day, but there is a learning curve to it.

When someone hurts for more than 3 days it’s a good idea to see a doctor. I don’t have X-ray vision and sometimes scans are necessary. Then I encourage people to go for physical therapy until insurance won’t pay anymore. It’s when they are discharged that my expertise is needed. With a new client they explain their history, and I formulate a preliminary picture. Then I run them through some exercises. It’s only when I see their body’s response to those exercises can I really understand the issues. It isn’t the client’s fault — sometimes they just don’t understand the mechanics of the body. The key is for clients to continue to allow me to work with them. When a shoulder is frozen it takes more than one or two sessions to get it moving again. Don’t quit because it hurts. First inform me what has happened and allow me to keep working for you.

In reality I know what I know because your body screams at me! Even with total strangers I can look at their movement and draw conclusions about their issues. I’d like to suggest things they can do, but that doesn’t come off too well in the parking lot of a grocery store. Technology has virtually removed any geographical limitations. If I can see you — even if it’s on Skype or FaceTime — I can help you.

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