ZWL Caregiver Seminars

ZWL Coaching is pleased to announce a the release of their Caregivers Seminars in the Spring of 2016. This spring plancareiver seminar on a Beach Retreat that will help prepare you for the year to come. This live 2 day event with Karen Sullivan is designed specifically for caregivers; the parents caring for their children, and children caring for their parents. The connection is irrelevant. You may be responsible for a child with a disability or chronic illness, or perhaps you find the tables have turned and you’re responsible for your parents. Regardless, your life circumstances have made you the protector for a loved one needing long-term and sometimes critical care. So, your thoughts and days are filled with everyone but yourself. You’re the last person on your list when it comes to care yet people remind you regularly to “take care of yourself”. Yeah, right!  The fact is that the ordinary gym approach to a healthy lifestyle may never fit into your life. You need a streamlined system of self-care designed to relieve your stress – not create more. This program can help you unlock the limitations boxing you in, and help you deal with stress while you reconnect with yourself.
ZWL pic caregiver liz beth 1Rejuvenation From Beginning To End
The minute you enter the room you have permission to forget everything you’ve ever heard about what you should do to maintain a healthy fitness level so you can continue to provide care. Although Caregivers can be challenged with either keeping weight on or taking weight off the normal recommendations of exercise and diet pertain to people who don’t face life that’s as medically complex as yours. The reality is that through the course of your Caregiver journey you’ve had to put yourself on a back burner so that brushing your teeth and washing your face seem a luxury. This program will never send you on an exercise guilt trip, and DIET is considered a four-letter word.
Karen’s approach is unconventional in the fitness world, but has repeatedly proven to be highly effective for her clients. This workshop offers guidance to help you design a plan to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Through small group discussion, guided relaxation, movement and laughter you’ll begin to incorporate the critical components of Mindfulness and Motivation which are key to sustainable, livable fitness.
What can you expect?
  •  Complimentary Signed copy of The Zen of Weight LossIMG_1461
  •  Methods of stress reduction
  • Techniques in Caregiver guided meditation
  • Let Your Hair Down Instead of Pulling it Out – Evening Activity
  • Private Consultation with Karen
  • ZWL Top 10 Movements for Health (NOT Exercise)
  • A Practical Toolbox to continue the Repairing once you get home.
About Karen Fili Sullivan
Coach, Author, Speaker always “Improving Lives One Person at a Time!”
Karen started her fitness career as an amateur body builder in 1982, and started in ’98 as a personal trainer and strength coach. Since then she’s worked with hundreds of people throughout the United States. In the Spring, 2013 The Zen of Weight Loss  was published with co-author Jeri Levesque, Ed.D.. Their companion journal, Your Perfect Food Plan was published in September, and is available on Amazon. They are the foundation of her work with clients and in her seminars. Karen’s lectures, coaching, clinics and workshops offer people an opportunity to begin to understand that fitness is more easily achieved than they might believe. She now specializes in helping Baby Boomers, people with disabilities and Caregivers of young and adult children with disabilities or chronic illness. Follow her at

Specific Dates and Hotel Accommodations TBA

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