Before Gym, Chop Wood, Carry Water

“Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment chop wood, carry water.” Zen Proverb

CIMG0902The most common misconception about fitness is that we need a gym for a good workout. I know — it’s now what I’ve said before, but I’ve learned a thing or two in the past year. The second fallacy is that we have to do hard-core, ninja warrior type workouts to get a good workout. As this Zen Proverb suggests, we get caught up in the end result of what we’re working toward (whether that’s more muscle mass or a lean, sexy body). The truth is that what it takes to get your results doesn’t end when you reach your goal. To maintain that body will require training at the same — and increasingly more challenging — level.  That’s alright as long as the body doesn’t balk. ZWL teaches that achieving your perfect body is not an endpoint in and of itself. You’ll need to keep active to stay healthy, but if a long life is what you desire, then moderation, mindfulness and livable fitness is what you’re looking for.

The point of this Zen Proverb is clear. Life is lived best when we do everything in the same way. When the energy moves through work, home, gardening, driving the car, and exercising in the same way we help to manage the HIGHS and LOWS that can throw us off track. You’ve heard it before in The Zen of Weight Loss. It’s your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that can help you be on an even keel. Approaching every aspect of life can bring you more in line with the reality of the situation and help you rely on your inner guidance and knowledge. Don’t forget — You already know what it is you need to do.

So, when you consider doing a workout routine your friends are trying, think before you jump in with both feet. Is it something you really think you could do? Is it something you want to do? Will it give you the sustainable fitness you are committed to?

Without a gym there are routines you can do in your home that will help you be strong, move well, and be fit. There are advantages to having a Personal Trainer come to your home. My newest client hired me for InHome training because she didn’t want to be around the germs in the public forum. Consider trying my training at the introductory price.**

Be Well!

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