Hit ’em Again. . . Harder

I’m a weight lifter. In my younger days I chose to train heavy, with great intensity, and frequently.  I was at the gym 6 days a week, often twice a day, and I got results. I also gave myself attachment issues otherwise known as Tendon Sheath Inflammation. Today I find my joints are stiff and I have limited range of motion. Additionally, there’s damage in my hips to muscle from extreme weight loading — which can be verified by my neurosurgeon**. This doesn’t happen with everyone who’s ever lifted weights, but it’s the case for my body. This experience forced me to change my exercise program, helped me embrace therapeutic exercise, and subsequently identify with people for whom exercise isn’t so easy.

The fitness world has grown more intense, extreme and younger than me. Plyometric, intensity, insanity, interval, and other words describe the fitness mentality. Extreme is the buzzword often used to identify an exercise program. We’re always raising the bar, and moving further away from programs for the masses. For those who can — great. However, I believe we need to pull the reins back and allow others to join the IMG_0212ranks of health and fitness.

Who Falls Through the Cracks?

  • Caregivers — Particularly parents of young and adult children with disabilities/special needs or chronic illness. It is also an issue for children who are caring for their parents.
  • Older Populations — Individuals who are 60, 70, 80 something need to be active. Insurance paid assistance only goes on for a short period of time. Then where do they go?
  • Baby Boomers — This crowd has lived hard and hurt themselves in the process. We see joint, heart, and weight issues that limit participation.

These are the people who don’t fit the template for the “usual and customary” exercise Rx. When they try to get help they’re frustrated by the advice they’re given because it isn’t practical. Imagine either having a disability you’re the caregiver of someone with special needs. When you look for guidance you’re given the same advice a 20 something person would get. Now imagine the frustration you would feel when your inability to “do” the program is viewed as failure or worse yet, laziness. It’s irrelevant whether this feedback comes from a trainer or from yourself. If you try to but can’t — we view it as failure. The truth is that the Rx failed you.

Believe ZWL 

The good news is that ZWL has an Exercise Rx that’s adjustable. It’s a chameleon or shape-shifter and can be groomed to fit YOUR NEEDS. There’s a learning curve with the coaching, seminars and workshops. You learn a new way to understand fitness, and build your program with a different knowledge base. .

  1. First you’re given permission to forget everything you’ve ever heard about what you should do to maintain a healthy fitness level. Yes! Forget all the fitness advice you’ve heard in the past, and start fresh. The ZWL process empowers you to be the ultimate expert on your fitness.
  2. Next you learn your body, and from there. . .
  3. You begin to build a fitness program you can actually do.

The basic rules of healthy living apply both with food and movement, but you control them. You don’t let them control you. You can get started today. Get the answers you’ve been seeking. Read more at Square Market or contact us today — Advice Given Freely!

Be Well!

Client Light Bulb Moment of the Week:“There are some great things happening in my life since I’ve started working with you.”

** Neurological studies done in 2001 and instead of surgery I followed the advice and went from 325 lbs to my less than 200 today.




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