My Brush With Crossfit


Jason to my right, my son to my left. Brave woman with 40+ years on these guys. It was fun!

I’m a fitness expert that works in and out of the gym. As a matter of fact I travel often presenting seminars, and meeting with other fitness enthusiasts. This past Memorial Day weekend I had the opportunity to experience Crossfit at a facility called Unrelenting Crossfit. I was very afraid — Until I met Jason Barnes, owner-head coach, CF-L1 Trainer, and CFK of this facility.

How I Got There 

My son invited me to “check out” this facility along with a group of his friends in Nebraska. I was more than willing to see what this was about, and watch my kid go through the workout.I didn’t plan on participating, but Jason talked me into it. Well, he handed me the waiver and I signed it.

My Objections to Crossfit

I’ve always been suspicious of any “new fangled” exercise techniques/methods. I’m pretty old school and we did enough to expose ourselves to injury back then. I couldn’t imagine how the body would do when it’s subjected to a more intensive workout. Previously this was my opinion.

  1. Intensity can be over done.
  2. No exercise is a one size fits all.
  3. Not everyone is an athlete, and many will never be athletes.

There’s a Place for Crossfit

After the dust settled I was impressed. The Crossfit philosophy — as told by Jason — isn’t what I thought. Now, at the upper levels that might be a different story. For someone just beginning this fitness path, it could be great if the coach is a reasonable and well-versed individual. Experience, training and an understanding of the human body is very important. That’s what I saw at Unrelenting Crossfit. What impressed me most was the assessment Jason did with the information I gave him on my paperwork. I told him I have issues with hips and shoulders. He adjusted my training and scaled it down to what I would be able to handle. It was pretty easy to see that I had 40 years on the rest of the group. The team did 21 box jumps, 21 pull ups, 21 Burpees. Then two laps around the building. 3 times. I did 9, then 6, then 3. I walked around the building once — yep they lapped me! My box was a 45 lb plate. My pull ups were with rings and feet on the floor, and my burpee was “prone position, (face plant) and get up”. It was sufficient. It was fun, and I completed the whole circuit. It isn’t about YEA ME! It was all about Yea Jason! Now, if every coach who taught extreme exercise is like this I wouldn’t be concerned. If you live in Nebraska near Unrelenting Crossfit then you’re in luck because Jason was top shelf.

The World Has More Who Can’t Than Can

It felt wonderful to be part of this experience, but in my real life I see way more people who cannot do this kind of exercise program. I’m here to help those who struggle with limitations from a physical disability, or have limited time because they are Caregivers, and the Boomers who have injury from a life of hard-core play. There’s a large population who benefit from my training and guidance. If you’re interested in Crossfit, but don’t live in Nebraska I hope you find a wonderful trainer like Jason. If you fit into the category of ZWL Exercise. . . give us a jingle.

Be Well!

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Client Light Bulb Moment of the Week: “I tried to do a workout I’d done 20 years ago. After all, it worked 20 years ago! It wasn’t the best decision I’ve made lately. I need a workout for THIS body.”

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