Ready or Not Part II

Sugar Hidden in Food

It always amazes me when I run across someone who doesn’t know what the body does with the food you eat during digestion. They especially aren’t aware of how carbohydrates become “sugars” in this process. I work part-time as a cashier in a grocery store, and I have to bite my tongue till it’s bloody to keep from saying anything to people as they purchase their weekly groceries including cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. Particularly when they are overweight. 20121202-092138.jpg

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you know cake, pie, bread and candy will make you fat. Ever wonder how can they make you fat when they have very little fat in them? It’s the sugar. That said, can we be assured we will lose weight if we give them up? Not necessarily. What many people don’t know is that even eating fresh, natural, whole foods can do the same thing. This is science — not my opinion. It has to do with the digestion, and admittedly this is an oversimplification of the digestive process.

However, before you attempt to understand the complexities of enzymes and hormones just observe your diet today. Watch what you eat and determine the specifics of how your body handles all food. You’ve all heard me say I tried to change my diet and gained 70 pounds naturally — the grain-bean protein of a vegetarian diet was really a disaster for me.

There are physiological responses in your body every time you eat. You need to learn the signs and then adjust your diet accordingly. Sometimes the food you eat is burned immediately. For some people the same food is always stored as fat. Mindfulness helps you discover the secrets in your body. Watch for clues when you eat:

  • Potatoes — sweet and white, red and fingerlings
  • Beets, turnips, carrots and other root vegetables
  • Grains — whole or refined (bread, pancakes, oatmeal, quinoa, rice and more)

Discernment is what I recommend. Eat what agrees with your body, but limit those things that can add fat if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s not complicated, but it is very hard to stop listening to the advice from the public health scene. We’ve been led to believe they know what they’re talking about. Listen to your body. Please.

Be Well!

“Carbohydrates come into your body in the form of food. Grains, rice, cereals, sweets, most fruits and all the foods that derive from them are primarily carbohydrates. While protein foods provide your body with strength and healing abilities, carbohydrate foods give your body the energy it needs to function.

Your body uses carbohydrates as its main supply of fuel. Once eaten, the body turns carbs into sugar called glucose. Insulin flushes the glucose into your cells, where it becomes energy. If there is extra glucose left over from the process, it is stored as fat.” Thanks to Fit Day for this comprehensive statement. See the entire text here.

Client Light Bulb Moment of the Week: “I was surprised I started eating asparagus because I’ve never been a fan.” 

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