The Shower Test

I recommend a different way to check your weight loss. It’s to shower (alone), and take note of the changes under your skin. This gives you another sensory organ’s opinion of your body. Looking in the mirror to discern weight loss is never a good idea. The eyes can’t take in small changes, and besides that you’re usually critical of what you see. That’s why touch is a better measuring rod.

Touch is more than your hands feeling your skin. Touch is a much larger sensory organ. It’s distributed throughout the entire body. Nerve endings and hair follicles in the skin send messages to the brain. They relate a 3 dimensional image of what is sensed. The tips of your fingers have the highest concentration of nerve endings, and the act of touching can reveal much more than the eyes alone.

Touching Good Therapy  

The other reason this is a good way to monitor your weight loss is because it will help you care for yourself more. When you’re overweight — 10 pounds or 110 pounds — there’s a definite emotional disconnect with your body. The weight makes you unhappy with your body, your choices and then frustration builds. This is an unconscious emotional connection, and few people have a clue what they’re doing to themselves.

This disconnect manifests in many ways. Sometimes personal care is neglected. You might wear less makeup (or more), dress in looser (or tighter) clothing, shy away from social exchanges, or try to be the life of the party. Touch is a basic need for all living things. Even plants do better when they’re handled and trimmed.

Final Reason

As you begin to exercise and control your food choices there will be a change in the body. It may not be weight loss. Some say it is only water loss. Regardless, you will feel a change in your body. Shave your legs and notice definition. You will recognize that you feel better about your body — yourself — your choices — YOU!

Be Well!

Client Light Bulb Moment of the Week: “Once I began exercising I felt better. Then I wanted to exercise a little more.”

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