Your Perfect Food Plan


Spring is coming — bring on the BBQ

I work with people who want to fix their issues with obesity, excess weight, and fat. Therefore, I write about fat, weight loss, diet, and the like. There’s no getting around the use of the word diet. I’ve tried, but my work and this blog are about food, eating, and overweight people. The last thing I want to do is offend people so I’ve always tried to soft pedal my delivery. My motivation is to help people make changes that lead away from a fat body.

If someone isn’t fit we have no time to waste. Getting to their issues is important. Doing it quickly is too. It’s like treating a wound. Triage is where the physician notices the damage, assesses the threat, and then jumps in to stop the bleeding and begin the process of healing. That’s what I do as a Life Coach, and I try not to enabling people. I understand how you might want to duck the words when they’ve been thrown at you for a lifetime. Especially when you haven’t seen the results you were promised. I can be sensitive and I will not use the four-letter word that begins with a D if you prefer. Remember that a diet is made up of food and we need to eat to live!  I would like to ask you to forget the words and just get started.

Don’t let the word stand in your way of great success. Call it diet, food plan,or nothing at all, but make the changes necessary. I talk diet to the diet people and food to the group who prefer food — tomato, tomato. I’m wrapping up the manuscript for a companion to The Zen of Weight Loss. It’s in journal format and will be available on Amazon! The working title is Your Perfect Food Plan.  

Give me your feelings on the words. Should the title be Your Perfect Diet instead? Comment below and let me know!

Be Well!








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