Do You Believe in Magic?

Magic does happen. I’m not talking about a coin that seemingly materializes out of thin air. I’m talking about when a plan comes together before your eyes. When it seems there is little or no effort, but you receive what you’ve always wanted. That kind of magic does happen when you know your WHY!

When you find your WHY you discover your motivation.

When you find your WHY you can make your plan.

When you find your WHY your Higher Power moves the plan forward.

That’s when the magic starts. . .

It seems as if there is magic happening. People who understand and trust Spirit or a Higher Power in life will know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t believe in a power outside yourself, you’re still capable of tapping into your heart’s desire. The energy will work, regardless of what you are ready to believe.

So, before you try to get fit, lose weight, fit into a size 3 — do the work to discover WHY it matters that you lose weight, get fit or buy a size 3! Don’t settle for the first answer. Keep asking yourself until you strike a chord that brings goose bumps to your arms and a shiver down your spine. Then hold that response close. Write it down. Don’t share it. It becomes your secret, your desire and your motivation all wrapped into one.

Then begin to build your plan, remembering all the time WHY you want it. There are no right answers! What you discovered today may change as you begin the process — that’s a development in the magical WHY. It brings growth, revelation, and ah-ha moments that lead you toward your goal. It’s the magic that you control.

Be Well!

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