Dualistic Weight Loss

When it comes to fitness and weight loss it seems people have adopted the 17th century ideas of René Descartes’ mind-body dualism.  “I workout – therefore I’m fit” Fortunately today we understand that mind and body are not complete without emotion and spirit. However, clients concerned with weight loss and exercise aren’t interested in these two forces of nature. I suggest that stalled weight loss occurs when you’re not addressing the part of you that brings power to your life.

How Spirit Fits Fitness

All my life I’ve been learning about spirit — my higher power, and building a personal relationship with the Creator. First at The Presbyterian Church (my home church), the local synagogue, the Catholic church and then beyond the confines of my home town. From Quaker Meeting, to United Methodist, Unitarian Universalist, Unity, and even an Evangelical Episcopalian church. I worked for four years for the organization founded by psychic Edgar Cayce, The A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. Everything I learned brought deeper meaning and purpose to my collective knowledge. The most poignant phrase I remember from the Edgar Cayce Readings is, “Mind the builder, the spirit the creator, the material (physical body) [is] that created.”** This information has complimented my certification in both personal training and rehabilitation exercise. It’s what makes me a different kind of trainer. I’ve come to realize that true change comes when we incorporate emotion and spirit into fitness.

Before You Give Up

When you set out to make a change in your body first ask yourself why. No, I mean WHY? What does it matter? You can still buy clothes in a larger size! You can still find company and friends with extra weight on you. If you’re heavy, nobody will say it out loud. Fat people are so common place these days you’ll never hear a child scream, “Mommy, look at that fat lady!” So, WHY does it matter? Once you’ve answered that question ask it again, and again. Dig for that vein of gold that’s running deep within. Keep asking yourself until the answer you give makes you feel an emotional response. A comeback that’s so powerful the hair stands up on your arms or the back of your neck, and butterflies flutter in your gutt. Only then will you have your real, most pure motivation, and you can begin.

Get an Edge with Inner Guidance and Intuition

Experience has shown me this component is almost always the missing link in stalled weight loss. Is it possible you too could meet your goals when you’re mindful of your emotional body? Listening with more than your ears is using intuition. ZWL Coaching is Intuitive Coaching. You can discover your fitness plan, and design your own diet. Take the time to try to do this for yourself. You’re worth the effort.

Be Well!

Cayce once said, “If the body will watch self and the reactions of the various foods or preparations, and draw a comparison from what may be termed a combination of all the various authorities, then the body will find what is best for self. See?”**

**Read More on Edgar Cayce by John Van Auken

For More Information on The A.R.E. and the Edgar Cayce Foundation follow this link. Tell them Karen Fili sent you!

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