Hold Your Cards Close to Your Vest

It’s time to start the program that will change your life, again. So you start in the gym, add a diet, and download the newest App. Then sign up to do all the Challenges available. Next tell everybody you know! You might think this is the recipe for success, but THAT my friend is the biggest mistake you can make. The threat of derailment from your mission is greater the more people who know the plan. The key is to say nothing! It’s your private business, and other opinions will only add confusion and doubt. Be like the gunslingers of old, hold your cards close to your vest.

Get the Naysayer’s Under Control

People always have good intentions. They want you to be successful (Maybe — I’ve talked about this before). There is no guarantee they can help, and often they hurt your progress. The only opinion which matters is yours. Make choices based on a mindful/thoughtful decision. Choose to keep your decision about a new diet or workout to yourself. If you were looking for a new job, would you tell your co-workers? Telling anybody could sabotage your current job. Better to keep it under wraps and just give two weeks notice when you get the new job. The same applies here.

As you set your course ask yourself if it feels right for you. If you get an unsettled, twisted-gut feeling there’s something just not right about it. The peaceful, warm-fuzzy feeling is more than likely a better choice. And another thing; don’t just whip out the same diet you’ve done before. If you need to do an old diet again, it didn’t work. The only diet that works is one that’s sustainable. If you have to hit REBOOT with a diet — it failed you the first time around.

Photo Compliments of Jeri Levesque

Photo Compliments of Jeri Levesque

If You Tell Anyone — Make it the One Person Who Truly Loves You

The safe place for sharing is normally with someone who loves you. It can be a parent, spouse, partner, sibling or dear friend. Choose wisely. This person will smile, listen and ask how they can help. Any other advice or discussion is not necessary.

You run your life and you should run your fitness plan. Get a spiral notebook and chart your course. You know:

1. Fast food is not good.

2. Slow food, lean and fresh is best.

3. Movement every day is acceptable.

As Louise (LWZ) would say, “You’re not broken. Don’t try to recreate yourself — Unveil Yourself for the World.”

Well, BE!


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