Happy New Rear!

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Who can imagine anything better than the beginning of a New Year? A chance to start over. A chance to make resolutions and make it work — this time.

How many of us make a different resolution every year? How many actually achieved the resolution from last year and are ready to make ANOTHER change in their lives? An overwhelming percentage of resolutions deal with weight loss, and alarmingly it seems only 8% of people** actually achieve their goals.

The Process

Say we want to lose weight

Work like crazy to lose unwanted pounds

By the end of the year have gained it all back and then some.

Can anyone spell depressing? Let’s turn over a new leaf and make a difference for good. Try the ZWL Coaching Method. It’s affordable and it works. Let’s get started. 2011-04-04 06.47.37** 8% Success Rate is a figure that comes from a Forbes article which in turn reflects a study from University of Scranton from 2014. Follow the link above for more information. It’s painfully true.

Fireworks photo compliments of ChicQuero.com Follow the link for more great photos. 

crystal zwl

Ann Wilson

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