The Bermuda Triangle of Food Disaster

I’m in a position to see what people are purchasing in the grocery stores, and it isn’t pretty. Predominately candy, alcohol (another form of sugar), and bread — That is the Bermuda Triangle of Food Disaster. The word “holiday” is not a synonym for eating. Relax. I’m not going to ruin your celebrations. I just so happen to have suggestions for how to handle this joyous season. There are ways to be on the outskirts of the Bermuda Triangle and enjoy the holiday. Here are some tips.

Step One — Don’t Let the Triangle Suck You In

Since you’ve been keeping a Food Diary and you understand how your body responds to specific foods. . . WAIT! You haven’t been keeping a Food Diary? Ahhhhhh. Then scratch that. We need to start before step one.

Mindfulness of your food choices is paramount for successful weight control. Above all you must modify all sugar intake. You just may get away with it for a day. . . perhaps two, but after that you will need to rein it in before the sugar deposits on your hips, abdomen and butt.

Mindful Partying Rules!

Mindful Partying Rules!

Pull out the calendar. See when you have a party, and know who will be there. If your friend who always makes a cake which is your all time favorite promises to be there with cake in hand, then you’ll want to modify your eating. In the days before the event eat lean, healthy and fresh so you can afford to eat the cake. Does it make sense? Once one potential disaster is out of the way do the same analysis for every party this season. Leave room in your food budget.

Think of eating as a kind of shopping spree. Spending is spending. However, in this food world there are no credit cards. Let’s imagine budgeting for a pair of shoes, and since credit doesn’t exist you can only spend your hard-earned money. If you want to spend money on your new shoes then you can’t blow it on a handbag. It’s a budget consideration. And in the food world the body doesn’t give you credit either, and if it does it charges your hips!

Step Two — Concentrate All Your Attention on the Season and the People in Your Life

It is a glorious time of year regardless what your religious, emotional or spiritual connection may be. This time of year means something to everyone. Hopefully your memories are filled with joy, family and friends. These are the important things and should have a predominant position in your days and nights.

Throw off past habits of baking and cooking, and usher in a new set of traditions. I haven’t baked anything for the Holiday in more than 12 years. Once I recognized grain isn’t something I can eat I stopped baking. I didn’t consult my family and I don’t remember anyone balking about it. We just don’t have Holiday cookies unless someone gives them to us as a gift. They’re gratefully accepted, but often go stale and are discarded at the end of the season because we’ve gotten used to not having it.

Step Three — Establish New Habits

There are tons and tons of recipes on the internet which will meet your dietary needs. You can still have sweet without sugar. You can still have creamy without cheese. Remember Grandma isn’t in that cookie you’ve baked for all those years in her memory. Grandma would want you to be healthy and . . .

Be Well!



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