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Yet another picture of ZWL's Crystal Grimes. The journey continues.

Yet another picture of ZWL’s Crystal Grimes. The journey continues.


“I love you Karen F. Sullivan!! Before I started my health coaching with you I could not get these slacks over my butt!! I just wanted you to see that though I may not be perfect in my new healthier lifestyle, I do keep moving towards my goals in a slow and steady manner. Without you I would still be looking for that quick fix and failing. I still can’t believe that’s me sometimes, such a journey of self discovery.”

Meet Crystal Before

Meet Crystal Before

I love feedback. I appreciate a client who will keep in touch after our ZWL Coaching has ended. Particularly when that individual is continuing to work with the tools learned during our strategy sessions. A shout out to Crystal Grimes for her continued success and powerful spirit that keeps her working toward a healthier body. . . and an integrated Life! I’m very proud of you, Crystal.

So What is Your Life Coaching About?

I flounder sometimes when I try to answer this question because the answer can seem so trite. During an interview this past week I described ZWL coaching as a method of helping a client integrate their heart’s desire, and goals with present habits and lifestyle choices. The ultimate destination shifts and changes as we work toward what they believed they wanted. Does that make sense? Imagine going car shopping. You have seen this car on the streets. You love the look and have even selected a color. You go into the dealership and start to look at the specs on the car. Gas mileage not what you expected. You sit in the driver’s seat and your body doesn’t fit well. The hood is high and its hard to see — for you. So, as you once thought it was your dream car you recognize it might not be the car for you. That’s the process that happens often for a ZWL Coaching client. You morph into who you want to be, and make discoveries along the way. It’s a wonderful journey, and facilitating it is an honor.

Each strategy session is different because the circumstances change, even for the same individual. What the client must realize is there is no easy fix for weight loss and fitness. As Crystal indicated she was always seeking a quick fix scheme. I watched her for almost two years — and bit my tongue the whole time — before she asked for her first coaching session. You’ve seen the progress of Crystal. She isn’t my only client, but the one whose story is so classic and dramatic she and I have chosen to share with others.

Confidential is my middle name. Helping people is my motivation. It is my hope you will allow me to help you. Go to the Square Market store by clicking on the link here, and sign up for a complimentary session. It may be the best conversation you’ve had this year.

Be Well!


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