When Exercise Fails

Hitting the gym seven days a week. An hour of hard interval cardio a day. Lifting six days a week. Standing on a Bosu Ball you do one-legged squats with an overhead press. Burpees don’t phase you, you could do them all day! And your diet is squeaky clean and lean! Yet you can’t drop that final 10 pounds.

Look at a two prong approach to fix this problem.photo (26)
1. Less
2. More

What you need less of is exercise. You’re probably over training. An integral part of a fitness routine is rest and recovery. The muscles, and body need to repair. Cut back. You aren’t going to perish and your body will appreciate it.
Assign one day as an OFF day. Don’t workout at all.

You probably need less water. Most people think that if water is good — more water is better. I recently ran through a strategy session with a potential client who at the advice of her trainer had been drinking 10 – 22 ounce glasses of water a day. I told her it was too much. She told me that the doctor she just started seeing also told her it was too much. I like that guy!


You may well need more of everything except exercise. Consider carefully if you need more:

  • Rest and recovery as mentioned above
  • Food

Again the “more is better” belief is what throws us into a tizzy. Restricting food to less than 1200 calories is nuts. Eliminating a food group is worse. I don’t mean cutting cheese because of the fat or for other health reasons. I am addressing NO CARBOHYDRATES in any form. Your brain cannot work without them. Check into the articles on this site to see my recommendations for balancing your diet.

You can drop those 10 pounds without beating yourself up. Get proactive and read The Zen of Weight Loss for a Mindful, Livable Approach to Fitness. The world beats us up enough — don’t add to your stress with a fitness program that isn’t healthy.

Be Well!

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