H.A.T.E. Workouts

“I’m not a gym person. Period!” She announced boldly.

Rather than be put off I was rather excited. There’s nothing better than a client who knows what she will or won’t tolerate. Fitness is all about health, long life and quality. It’s something which should be around for the long-run. If you try to get to that place of physical balance and robustness by using a means you cannot tolerate . . . You won’t be able to maintain it. So when my client refused to join a gym we broke out the reserves. Looking for other ways to exercise so she would find better joy out of her fitness program. We decided to try a little H.A.T.E.

Hunt for an Alternative Task for Engagement


There are adult leagues in many sports. Get involved. Softball, volleyball, golf, tennis, soccer to name a few!

More than once I’ve recommended outside activities. Walking is great, but hiking is better. There are so many parks and walking paths. I’m most impressed with the program of American Discovery Trail that offers a state by state listing of trails. However, even smaller organizations offer walks. Earlier this fall I participated in a Walk with a Doc program in Decatur. That program is all over the country. Look into it. If boredom is your concern this program might be for you. You will be with people in town, but don’t leave out places where you might enjoy a little solitude like a National Park.

Water in the great outdoors is also a means for exercise. Lakes, rivers, streams. You can canoe or Kayak. Perfect! Look into clubs in your back yard. County, state, and city Recreation Centers provide wonderful programs.


While you don’t think you will like a gym, you can always join so you can do the classes offered with a membership. From Yoga and Pilates to Boot Camps, Step and Sculpting classes. Being with people. Having fun. It will help you enjoy your workout.


I can’t talk about alternative exercise without talking about my friend Chris. After her husband’s death several years ago she decided to take dance lessons for the social aspect. It’s been an amazing journey for her. She has a ton of friends, is active, has toned and strengthened her body, and is satisfied that the venture worked. She doesn’t even consider it exercise. . . it’s dance and it’s fun!

Get moving now. Don’t put it off. You owe it to yourself to enjoy life.

Be Well!

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