Debunking the Exercise Myth AGAIN

I found an article last week written by Jonny Bowden “Exercise, The News You Don’t Want to Hear” It was so refreshing I had to laugh and applaud as I read through it! Then, imagine my surprise to see it was first published in 2011. Well, I’m a little late to this party! You know what they say. Better late than never. You must read the article to appreciate where I’m coming from. My clients and training partners over the past 15 – 25 years have heard me say the same things. I feel vindicated!

jonny bowden

Jonny Bowden

The article first appeared in Huffpost Healthy Living. It’s a book review as well as a reference for multiple facets of this “exercise to lose weight myth”. You know how I feel about Gary Taubes and his wonderful work at NuSI. Well, this is right up there with the NuSI gang on my list of Fitness Heroes. Before we go any further, read the original article here.

Don’t act like you believed this already, I’ll have to call you out on that. People don’t truly believe this. I run across it every day. Especially once somebody knows I’m a trainer. I cannot tell you how often I hear people talking about how they have to get to the gym to get their gut off, or how they stepped up their exercise program to break the plateau. Great step it up because you have raised your fitness level, but not because you want to burn more fat! One day I was at a restaurant listening to a conversation at the next table. What? They were talking really loud. They had just asked for their third basket of chips and 2nd margaritas while complaining their weight loss was stalled. I notice these things — although I shouldn’t admit it out loud. People refuse to admit that exercise isn’t as big a part of the equation as we used to think. I always tell my clients that diet is 70% of the formula for weight loss. I don’t want to put myself out of a job, but I have to reiterate here — exercise is still important to your health. Facing food is something nobody wants to do. That’s why I developed the Lifestyle Health Coaching program called The ZWL Method. This link can tell you how you can get my guidance.

Crystal Grimes ZWL Success Story and Spokesperson

Meet Crystal Before

Meet Crystal Before ZWL

Anyway, As Taubes has outlined in his book Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It. We have Jean Mayer to thank for this inaccurate theory. Of course, by 1959 he was given credit for discovering the theory that exercise was paramount to weight control. We’ve been on a downward spiral since then. Get busy with analyzing the food you eat and make those changes. After all, it’s easier to exercise when you don’t have so much weight on your body!

Be Well!


Thank you Crystal. You’re one of the hardest working people I know! You inspire me!


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