The Short and Sweet of Diet Success

We’re coming up on what is probably the most difficult time of the year to diet. Some throw caution to the wind and eat everything. Other’s hold back to keep damage to a minimum. Whether you choose to “diet” now or later, there are some basic guidelines that can make THIS diet a success, and the difference you set the rules.

Everybody sets their own course, with their own paddles.

Everybody sets their own course, with their own paddles.

Be An Analyst 

You’re charting new territory in order to build your own diet. There will be a plethora of data so you’ll need to track what you discover. Buy a 6″x 9″ spiral notebook and start to keep a record of this experiment.

What You Should Do

1. Eat and listen for response from your body. Your diet should consist of lean and fresh food. Vegetables, fruits, meats, fish are primary to the diet. You can try other food groups such as grains, fats (monounsaturated in particular), eggs and dairy. Watch how it makes you feel. If your body is unable to handle it you might see some unrest in the GI tract, or you’ll have no energy, or worse yet you get headaches. Those are pretty good indications something is amiss. Write it down! If you eat it again — get the same reaction — I’d assume it’s a food you should eliminate from your diet. Remember this is a quest, and you can’t honestly be sure what you will find! You will be amazed, and you will start to feel better when you eat foods that work for you.

2. Move. Exercise and move as you are able. If “sedentary” was your middle name you’ll have to start slowly. Be careful –walk before you start to run.

3. At the end of each day write on the record of that day an answer to these questions, “What do I want to add to my diet?” “What do I think I should remove?” You may not have discovered anything, but you need to ask yourself these questions.

4. Review your journal and watch for patterns to appear.

5. Do not compare your progress with anyone else. K.I.T.Y. (Keep It To Yourself). You don’t need anyone interfering with your diet. This is YOUR diet. They won’t understand. If you need help, contact me with private questions or comment below.

Be Well!


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