Holistic Fitness

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View from my room as I write to you this week. Hot Springs, Virginia — The Omni Homestead

Are there times in your life where nothing seems to move forward? For a while you think you had your fitness program coordinated to suit you, and then you can’t seem to get anything right. You eat the wrong foods. Your schedule at work keeps you from exercising, and your life seems to be in total chaos. It’s at times such as these that we need to step back and take stock of where we are and what we actually hope to achieve. If your motivation is to merely wear a smaller pant size I totally understand why you can’t stay on point with your diet. You need a higher purpose.

Think BIG. . . Weight Loss Never Lasts without Health     If you struggle with your weight you  should realize by now that weight loss is only followed by weight gain unless you add the ingredient of wellness. Here’s how to do it. Recognize the body’s vulnerability. How often do you hear about friends or family who “suddenly” come down with an illness that threatens or ends their lives? Accidental death by definition is something that happens by chance, unintentionally, or unexpectedly. Things don’t happen magically.*** Magic is something that, if it truly exists, is a supernatural occurrence. While I think magical and mystical events can happen in this world I don’t categorize health and wellness in this realm of Wonderland. More often than not we control our lives. Fate is not in charge, but conditions can be set in motion if we don’t stay on top of things.

Don’t keep pushing your body without the right nutrition. Getting enough exercise and sleep are equally important, but rarely do you hear anyone in the average gym teaching this point. Teaching meditation and relaxation as well as target heart rate is the core of the ZWL Method. This view of Holistic Fitness is at the periphery of accepted fitness practice and is not a field many people understand. To raise the bar on your fitness program and find sustainable fitness you have to follow these recommendations:

  1. Recognize your body as Perfect yet fragile.
  2. Take steps to balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self.
  3. Eat healthy and well and moderation will follow.
  4. Think about circulation: blood, lymph, and air for complete health.

— The Zen of Weight Loss is Holistic Fitness. Get started now.

Be Well!

*** This statement does not intend to negate Divine Intervention and Miracles — That subject is in a league all its own, and Yes, I Believe!


















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