How to Live and Move Well

Life expectancy is on the rise, according to an article in The Atlantic** Buck Institute, The University of Michigan, the University of Texas, and the University of California at San Francisco are studying ways to slow aging, as is the Mayo Clinic. In addition, Google launched it’s spin-off company California Life company (Calico) to do longevity research. So when I hear someone say, “I’m old.” I cringe. Much of my work is with Pensioners (people born in the 30’s – not actually in their 30’s). There is one thing I have come to realize. Believe me — you’re only as old as you think.

Part of age is the inability to move well. That’s where eating right, exercising, and chiropractic come together. I’ve been a chiropractic patient since I was 16. I’ve been the patient of 8 different chiropractic offices in 6 states! Four months after I landed in Decatur, Georgia I have found a chiropractic home. Last week I saw Dr. Kathleen Sherwood at Sherwood Chiropractic Center in Decatur for the first time.  I am thrilled to have found her.dr_kathleen_sherwood

Why do I choose to incorporate chiropractic into my life? More importantly, why do I encourage my clients seek a chiropractic evaluation? Well, imagine building a new home, a place you’ll live for the rest of your life. Now place that home on a surface that is uneven and unstable. The results would be a ruined home. The same is true if you work toward fitness goals without a strong and balanced body. Your muscles and spine should shake hands and agree to keep you well. That is what exercise along with chiropractic work does for you.

Consider carefully before you blow off the idea of a chiropractor. If you lived in my neck of the woods, I’d drive you over to Sherwood Chiropractic myself! If you live elsewhere, ask around for a chiropractor your friends use. When you see the doctor, be sure to talk about your concerns, and complaints. Be open to new ideas. They may lead to a healthier you.

Be Well!

** Read more of the Atlantic Article.  It is simply amazing! “What Happens When We All Live to 100?”

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