I Found A Gym!

Moving into a new home goes beyond unpacking boxes, although that’s a huge part of it. When relocation is imminent you have to think about every aspect of your life. From new physicians, chiropractors, and dentists to a church, grocery store, favorite restaurants, library and of course, a new gym. The later is mandatory for me because it is not only about my fitness — it is my passion.

photo (23)I miss my Missouri clients terribly. They were more than clients, they are my dear friends. Helping people is important to me, and without it I was bored and unhappy. The only course of action was to take a page out of my own book. Without their knowledge of course, I held each up to this same scrutiny.  Below is the report card on one facility. I encourage you to use these guidelines when you find a gym for your fitness path.


“Choosing a gym can be a tricky quest, since it represents three caveats for happiness; where, what, and with whom to conduct your fitness training There is a surplus of fitness venues in many communities. . .      CHECK

Is the facility within ten minute drive from your home or work? If it’s further away your chances of exercising regularly will
diminish drastically.    CHECK

Parking might sound like it isn’t important, but be assured, it is. Avoid a choice that comes packaged with an easy excuse to skip a day. Limited or distant parking affords the “my dog ate my homework” excuse for rainy, snowy, too cold or too hot days. Don’t give yourself that option. Make sure there’s plenty of parking.   CHECK

A gym should be concerned with providing the cleanest possible environment for its members. Top of the line facilities provide small fresh workout towels for their members. Although it is an expense for the facility, it is a perk that sets an “A” club above the others. . .CHECK

Are there group classes?  When they are scheduled, is there room for individuals to work out on weights and use the cardio equipment? Are there ample treadmills in good working order with options such as video screens, audio-plugs and incline features? Is the facility overcrowded with machines or limited in the types of equipment for upper, lower and core body workouts?     CHECK

Sound System
Most facilities play music over the loudspeakers, and the music genre you prefer might not be in play. If hip-hop is blaring and you prefer oldie somewhat moldy (Classic Rock) decide whether you’ll compensate with an MP3 player or …learn to tolerate, or even enjoy, their playlists. . . CHECK

Does the gym smell somewhat human without a cleaning fluid odor? There is a balance between a junior high gym locker room stocked with daily worn six-month-old t-shirts and socks and the antiseptic aroma of a surgical operating room. A clean gym smells fresh despite people burning their own fat and toiling to build muscles.  CHECK

Nourishment is essential for a healthy workout. What you choose to eat and drink afterwards should be refreshing and delightful. . .  WELL, I SAW WATER — SO, CHECK

Novices! Heads Up! Those machines can hurt if misused! At minimum, a gym should provide an equipment orientation as the first, mandatory introduction to your signed membership. . . They should also be trained in Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid. Staff should be well versed in training techniques for a diverse number of people. Fitness consultants won’t do the work for you; rather they should be willing to correct your form or show you an exercise. If you have special problems (knees, back, shoulder troubles) make sure they have ample experience working with these specialized conditions and are prepared to steer you toward helpful exercises.”  CHECK

Weight Machine AreaWell, It all checks out! You can find me at Powerlady Fitness — an Atlanta Women’s Fitness Community –– in Toco Hills, North Decatur, Georgia. Drop by! You will be glad you did!

Be Well!


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