Weight Loss Rules and Steps Deceptive

This past weekend there was a post on Facebook that listed the 10 rules to use for weight loss. Although concise they really weren’t news in the fitness world. It’s staggering the number of sources who say the same thing. Most assuredly you could ask any of my clients and they’ll testify that I’ve told them the same thing over and over. Certainly this blog, my Facebook page ZWL Method or my book The Zen of Weight Loss contains my similar words on this subject.  Here are the rules if you don’t know what I’m talking about.


  1. Keep a food journal. photo (50)
  2. Never diet. 
  3. Plan your meals. 
  4. Watch your portions. 
  5. Drink water. 
  6. Exercise no matter what form. 
  7. Be positive and don’t put yourself down.
  8. Make time to relax and recover — remember stress kills and makes you fat. 
  9. Sleep well and long.
  10. Stay the course — don’t give up.  

What many trainers fail to tell you is how to guarantee you do these ten easy steps. The key is your motivation. Not your willpower — your reason for trying to get in shape. We all have things we want in life. A new job, a new car, or a new love. Our desire for outside “things” is quite different from wanting to lose weight.


Weight loss is more than eating, drinking, exercising. For us to stay the course and make lifelong changes we must have a deeper reason. ZWL calls it finding your WHY. Discovering that WHY comes in two phases.

1. Setting Goals. We are all great at this. I want to lose 10 pounds — or 40 — or 100. Goals are good. Goals are like having a To Do list that once accomplished can be crossed off. However, when it comes to weight loss few people can ever cross this off their list. That’s where your Motivation comes in.

2. Finding your WHY. You will only change when you are motivated to change. We need motivation that is more than skin deep. This process comes when we privately and honestly ask ourselves — “big deal — but why”. Repeatedly asking yourself why it matters that you look nice or wear a smaller dress size will lead you to the desire of your heart.

“Your WHY should be something you dream about. It’s more than little daydream. A WHY is your ambition, aspiration, and purpose. Can your goal be to fit into your ideal size? Yes, we suppose it can, but is that the only thing you want to be remembered for in this world? “She was our beloved mother, who wore a size 8.” Discover your goal and create a new level of living. Some people shy away from setting reasonable goals because they fear they aren’t worthy or capable of achievement. Too often, in a self-destructive cycle, they set unreasonably difficult goals that exceed their ability and available resources only to fail. Failure is blamed on fate or uncontrollable circumstances. In reality, failure is a successful way to bolster a negative self-image in a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of way. We’d like to adjust and fine-tune our bodies so we can have a better chance of functioning to the best of our abilities and enjoy life.” From The Zen of Weight Loss

Any steps you choose will lead you to success when you have a form of motivation that is more than a daydream. Do something for yourself today, and find your WHY. It will lead you to sustainable fitness and health.

Be Well!

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