Talk To A Quitter

Ann Wilson

My lovely friend and client Ann a year after she began Lifestyle Health Coaching. She still continues to shine and keep herself healthy. She wins! Period!

By her own admission, Ann Wilson is a quitter. She had the strength of character to make the announcement in her company’s employee newsletter. She openly stated “I’ll admit it, I’m a quitter. But what I like to quit are unhealthy habits.” In this past year it has been my pleasure to guide her through conquering her addiction to sugar.

In college she quit smoking before it became a real problem. She quit watching television. Seven years ago she quit drinking alcohol, and on January 1, 2013 she quit drinking soda. With each thing it has been cold turkey. Her motivation is devastating loss. Her “… mother smoked herself to death, her brother drank himself to death and her sister ate herself to death.” We’ve all lost people, but Ann recognized some familial patterns in herself that she had and needed to stop.

However, what eludes her is the ability to quit consuming sugar. As her Coach I recognized the allure that white substance had over her. Ann can describe a luscious dessert as well as any of the great chefs in the world. You can nearly taste it. Now I can hear you screaming. “What’s wrong with enjoying food?” “What is your problem with a savory dish?’ Nothing. When you can discern between the enjoyment of the food — while you eat it. Dreaming about it, seeking it out, and perhaps eating it in the closet are good indicators that a problem exists. Ann never ate in a closet, but her opinion was “if one cupcake is good, two is better.”

January 2013 — COMMITMENT

She determined it was time. Motivated by her 25th wedding anniversary in October. She and her groom were planning to renew their vows and Ann wanted to wear her wedding gown. From January until April she worked with a program through her employer. She lost some weight, but still had a sweet tooth that derailed her from time to time.

Publication of The Zen of Weight Loss

My book was published in April. Ann bought several copies, gave one to everybody she knew and began to read, (I found my new proof reader for the next book) underline, highlight, and write in the margins. Hmmmm seems she saw some value in that book. I’d been training Ann in the gym in my Group Fitness Class for three or more years, but in May she signed up to do Lifestyle Health Coaching. Regarding the coaching she says,

“The sessions are part accountability, partnering and part therapy session. Karen dug into why I was eating foods that weren’t good for me. In May I had to explain every piece of cake that I had at a graduation party. Oh, I had great reasons, “It looked so good.” “I don’t want to offend my hosts by not having a piece.” “I can work it off later with more cardio.” She never judged, just challenged, and we’d set goals for the next week such as track better, think more, and experiment with other foods.”

It’s a process and by June, Ann was being more selective with the sweets she ate. She kept track of everything, and seriously thinking about the food before she just ate it. In October she looked amazing in her 25-year-old wedding gown. (Although she had bigger biceps now and the arms were a little snug — GUN SHOW!) I miss our weekly sessions! Well done Ann! I hope my readers find the same results you have had so they too can. . .

Be Well!

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